Speaker Line Up

2019 Conference Speakers

Dr. Carrie Jones ND, MPH

Precision Analytical Medical Director
Understanding the Importance of the Cortisol Awakening Response for Inflammation, Autoimmunity and Energy

Karen Hubert, CNHP, N.C.

Bio-Botanical Research, Inc.
Reducing Toxic Load and Body Burden: Resetting the Microbiome with Botanical Medicine

Kiran Krishnan

Microbiome Labs
The Most Common Dysfunctions of the Standard American Gut in Chronic Illness

Paul Chek

CHEK Institute
Finding The Secret Story: The Key to Long-term Healing 

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Protocols: Halting Our Brains Slow Deterioration

Jenn Malecha

(W)holistic Health Boss
Creating Clear Concise Packages That Meet Your Financial Needs and Your Clients Needs Too

Lisa Fraley

Holistic Lawyer & Author
7 Steps to Get Legally Covered (That Are Also Good for Your Soul)

Dr. Debi Silber

The PBT Institute
How Your Biggest Crisis Reveals Your Greatest Gift

Debora Wayne

The Biofield Healing Institute
Why People Don’t Heal – The 3 Exact Steps to Remove the Hidden Cause of Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue and more!

Kendra Perry

HTMA Expert
(Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis)
How to Make 100K with a Small Following

Christine Hansen

Sleep Like a Boss
How to Make 10K A Day When You Niche Down with FDN

Tricia Nelson

Emotional Eating Coach
Breaking Up With Ben & Jerry: End Emotional Eating and Ensure Coaching Success

Lara adler

Environmental Toxins Expert & Educator
Hormonal Havoc: How Environmental Toxins Are Trashing Our Hormones

Dr. Marisol Teijeiro

Queen of the Thrones™
A New Standard on Stool and the Tools to Help

Dr. Tom Fabian

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory
Pathogen-Gut Ecosystem Interactions: New Insights for Improved Outcomes

Kyle Gray

Story Strategist
The One Clear Path To Sales – How To Use Storytelling To Grow Your Coaching Program

Brendan Vermeire

AFDNP Director and Clinical Advisor
Mold, Microbes, and Methylation


Stacy Claxton

Transformational Coach
From Passion to Confident Action and Dramatic Results: Transformational Techniques for the Heart-Centered Health Entrepreneur

Sachin Patel

Living Proof Institute
Perfect Practice: How to Build, Grow and Scale Your FDN Practice

Dr. Jerry Bailey

Hormone & Neurotransmitter Physiology
Men Mimicking Women: Midlife Changes Putting Men on Pause

Garrett Gunderson

Business Success
Cash Flow Optimization: How to Keep A Lot More of What You Make

Dr. Elisa Song

Holistic Pediatrician
Clinical and Diagnostic Pearls in Pediatric Functional Medicine

Dr. Kharrazian

Kharrazian Institute
Food Proteins & Autoimmunity

Pam Machemehl Helmly

Neurogistics Corporation
Nitric Oxide: The effects of Emotional and Environmental Stressors

Dr. Joan Rosenberg

Creator of Emotional Mastery™
How to Build Confidence, Resilience and Authenticity

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