2020 Conference Livestream Announcement

Did you see the live video update in one of our Facebook groups?  If not check it out and keep reading…
Considering what has been going on in the world the upcoming Functional Health Coaching Conference is one of the most important events we’ve ever hosted giving you the opportunity to connect, grow personally and professionally.
It’s been a labor of love all year long and since the Pandemic hit, we’ve been doing everything possible to ensure your safety and deliver a high-quality experience, which included even organizing a hybrid event to accommodate people in-person and online.
Due to the increasing and unpredictable restrictions imposed by various governing bodies and the event venue it’s become clear to us now that we simply can’t deliver an exceptional experience in-person and we would not be ok with not giving you the value you deserve.
Just as all of us have had to do all year long, we are pivoting and persevering in order to STILL give you the chance to connect and grow personally and professionally so you can be the functional health professionals who are equipped to change people’s lives and the course of global health.
We are excited to share that we are taking the conference LIVE online making it available to everyone around the world, in the safety of your own home with all of the same educational talks, industry experts, networking opportunities and fun activities.
In fact, our Livestream event will provide even MORE opportunities for you to connect with peers and colleagues in a fun and engaging environment.  This will NOT be your everyday Zoom meeting experience.  It will be active with morning movement sessions, engaging with live speakers and chances to ask questions, inspiring with special interest topic discussions rooms and full of laughter with a magician, dance party and trivia games!
This will be the best event of the year and quite possibly your professional career!
Our conference committee and event coordinators are putting together an online event that will blow your socks off (because let’s be honest you can participate in your PJ’s and socks if you want too!).
You will walk away from this event (not far into your kitchen or bathroom) equipped with the knowledge, tools, resources and connections you need to finish 2020 strong despite what might be still going on and to hit the ground running in 2021.  There is no better time to be a functional health professional than now, the world needs you, and we are committed to making sure you have what you need to be your BEST.
Here’s how it’s going to work…
As a current ticket holder, we’ve already transferred your ticket to the LIVESTREAM ALL ACCESS pass.  Your all access pass NOW includes a copy of the General Session Conference Recordings ($250 value) and a swag bag mailed to your house ($300 value). You will receive a confirmation email within the coming week confirming the ticket transfer.
Since we’re going to be sending you an incredible swag bag in the mail, we need to confirm we have the correct shipping address on file.

Click here to submit your up to date shipping information.

What does this all mean?

You will have full access to all 2.5 days of Livestream events as they are happening PLUS we are including a copy of the conference recordings ($250 value) with your ticket AND you’ll get a swag bag full of goodies (can you say blue blockers!) mailed to your home.
We have some of the top industry experts lined up to speak on clinical, business and personal self-growth topics to enhance your skills so you can be the advanced functional health practitioner that the world needs.
You’ll get to schedule focus calls with mentors and clinical advisors through the course of the conference to hone in on specific questions you need answered on the spot or to get guidance on how to best move forward and create success.
To make sure you get the connect you desire and need to grow, there will be special interest and niche networking rooms in the morning, during breaks and for a huge chunk of time on Saturday.  These are chances for you to connect with smaller groups of people to brainstorm, share best practices and pick up tips.
And let’s not forget our amazing exhibitors.  They will be featured throughout the program and you’ll have opportunities to pop into their Zoom rooms too for deeper discussions.
If you also purchased the Advanced Business Accelerator Workshop on Sunday, that portion of the conference will be done Livestream as well and we’re actually super excited about this because in some ways it will make it even more live and interactive giving you a chance to breakout in small groups and work on your business right on the spot!
Here’s our promise to you – you will leave this event feeling as if we got together in person with all the insights, inspirations and pieces of knowledge you need to confidently solve health issues, grow your business and be the future of real health care.
For those of you who were really looking forward to coming to San Diego, you still can.  The FDN team will be operating out of the Hard Rock Hotel for the Livestream event and welcome anyone who wants to casually come to San Diego and see us.  Restrictions prevent us from holding “group gatherings” but there is nothing against a few friends meeting up.  The Hard Rock Hotel is still offering discounted rooms to our group so you can livestream from your room and meet up with peers, colleagues and FDN team members in between sessions and for meal breaks.  If restrictions lift more we may be able to secure a large ballroom or two for people to view the livestream together 😉
If you are interested in this option, click here to rebook a discounted hotel room at the Hard Rock for $179/night. 
Have questions?  Simply email us at headquarters@afdnp.com
We’ll be sending more details about how to participate in the Livestream event as we get closer to the conference so keep an eye on your inbox.
We can’t wait to share this event with you!




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